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Wolff contradicts Verstappen: It is clearly a great success.

Wolff contradicts Verstappen: "It is clearly a great success".

23-10-2021 12:36 Last update: 16:18


Toto Wolff and Zak Brown disagree with Max Verstappen's statements earlier this week. The Dutchman cracked down on Netflix series Drive to Survive, saying it gives the wrong picture of what really goes on in F1.

Verstappen won't cooperate with Netflix

Verstappen will not be cooperating with Drive to Survive in the future. The series contributed to a big growth in popularity of the sport, especially in the United States, but Verstappen called the series 'fake' and thinks it is not an accurate reflection of reality.

At the press conference following the Friday of the United States Grand Prix, Zak Brown and Toto Wolff are asked for their opinions on the series.

Brown stressed how important the series is to the popularity of the sport in America and how many new American fans have joined watching the sport in the United States since Drive to Survive.

Wolff sees valuable addition of Netflix

Wolff agreed with his competitor Brown and contradicts Verstappen: "We were not keen at the beginning of Netflix because we wanted to concentrate on on-track performance and I was wrong. It's clearly a big success.

"Yes, we're a sport and we need to stay true to the values ​​of the sport and have no gimmicks – but sport is entertainment and I think these guys have brought us a new angle, a new dimension and the feedback that we get from fans is tremendous – especially here in the US." 

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