Red Bull has analysed problems: 'Changes made have an effect'

23-10-2021 07:58 | Updated: 23-10-2021 10:42
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Red Bull has analysed problems: 'Changes made have an effect'

Red Bull Racing were not entirely satisfied after the Turkish Grand Prix. The team was slower than expected and Mercedes ran away with a dominant victory. According to Helmut Marko Red Bull have analysed the problems and the changes made have had a positive effect on the car's performance.

Between the Istanbul and Austin weekends, Red Bull held a meeting with technical director Adrian Newey to analyse the team's problems. According to Marko, this meeting provided a number of insights.

"We had different results in the simulator compared to what happened on the track. We also have different explanations about the behavior of more or less the same chassis of Perez and Verstappen, so we have definitely taken a step forward. We can now see that the changes we are making are having an effect," said Marko on

Verstappen frustrated

During the second free practice, Max Verstappen sounded frustrated on the on-board radio after he couldn't start a fast lap due to the amount of traffic. "He is experienced enough not to wear out the tires for a third or fourth place," said Marko. Indeed, Verstappen then concentrated on the longruns.

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