Hamilton's win rate, employability and money talks! Five facts about the US GP

22-10-2021 11:43
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Hamilton's win rate, employability and money talks! Five facts about the US GP

The United States Grand Prix returns to the calendar in 2021 after a one-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic that gripped the world. For the first time in 24 months, F1 returns to the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) with a World Championship title fight that also grips the world of motorsport. 

Max Verstappen leads the World Championship, with Hamilton just six points behind the Dutch driver. Mercedes have a bigger advantage in the Constructors Championship, but there’s everything to play for in the final six races. There are tracks to come that suit Red Bull Racing, namely Mexico and Brazil, but COTA has proved successful for Mercedes and Hamilton in years gone by. Here are five fun facts ahead of the United States Grand Prix weekend. 

Hamilton’s win rate 

Hamilton has a win rate of 66% in the United States. He has won in America six times. Whilst the tally falls a couple of wins short compared to the Hungarian and British Grands Prix, and even one short of the Canadian Grand Prix, it’s one of his strongest success rates because he has only competed in the United States on nine occasions. Only his success at the Russian Grand Prix falls in a similar ballpark. 

The British driver won on his debut in 2007 and then won the returning race in 2012. Both of those wins came in McLaren colours. Since moving to Mercedes, the scan-time World Champion won in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

3,000 season/event specific roles

In a time where COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on global economies and employment, it’s always worth pointing out positive news regarding employability. According to the COTA experiences website, major event days such as the F1 Grand Prix create more than 3,000 seasonal/event-specific roles. A total of 6,000 jobs is also cited. 

McLaren won his first race in the United States GP

America has more and more involvement with the Formula 1 team, McLaren, now. Zak Brown, McLaren CEO, was born in Los Angeles. In 2020, the team sold a significant portion of their shares to MSP Sports Capital who are an American investment company. Amongst other things, McLaren also have a team racing in IndyCar. 

But the connection goes further back. In 1959, Bruce McLaren won his first ever Formula 1 race in America. He won the inaugural edition racing for Cooper at Sebring International Raceway. The New Zealander went on to win four more races in Formula 1, including the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix in his own McLaren chassis. 

$200 million in commercial advertising

American owners Liberty Media are keen on growing Formula 1 around the world. Inevitably, that includes the United States and in 2022 we are due to see two races in the states on the schedule. Miami is set to join the list. 

Each race is broadcast around the world to 30 million viewers, and the ratings have been growing through the 2021 season as Hamilton and Verstappen lock horns. The three hours of coverage is equivalent to more than $200 million in commercial advertising. 

Six starters in 2005! 

This one is well known, but always worth highlighting. The 2005 United States Grand Prix in Indianapolis was one to remember. Just six drivers started the race after a series of Michelin tyre failures. As a result, those with Michelin Tyres didn’t compete in the race despite qualifying. On Bridgestone tyres, Michael Schumacher won the race. 

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