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Canadian Grand Prix

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Canadian GP

Unlike previous years, the Canadian Grand Prix will not be the first, but the second race on the North American continent. This is of course due to the arrival of the Miami Grand Prix. Usually their is a rush to get to Canada with it being wedged in the European season, but two off weekends surrond the event. 

The Canadian Grand Prix 2023

The Gilles Villeneuve circuit is one of the faster circuits on the Formula 1 calendar. Three straights with DRS prove that. That doesn't mean the drivers just need to step on the accelerator pedal to complete a lap, though: Slow corners and technical sections that drivers need to pay close attention to can also be found on the track. And because it's a semi-street circuit, the walls are always close.

Right at the start it gets exciting in the tight corners combination 1-2. In the past, we have already seen the necessary heaps of rubble in this chicane. If that wasn't enough, just before the long straight, the hairpin will see some action, leading of course to a thrilling point at Turn Fourteen: The famed Wall of Champions.

What does the Canadian Grand Prix race weekend look like?

The first press conferences are scheduled for June 15. On Friday June 16, FP1 is scheduled at 18:30 [UK time], later at 22:00 the second practice session will take place. Qualifying starts on Saturday, June 17 at 21:00, the race on Sunday, June 19 will also be held in the evening for Europeans.

What time does the Canadian Grand Prix start at the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit?

As in previous years, the Canadian GP can be followed live in the GPblog.com live blog from half an hour before the start of the race. The start time of the Canadian Grand Prix is ​​19:00 UK time and the race can also be followed live on the Sky Sports sports channel from that time. The first two free practice sessions can also be followed on your local TV option.

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