Hamilton vs Verstappen: 'Most exciting championship in twenty years'

22-10-2021 10:33 | Updated: 22-10-2021 11:37
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton vs Verstappen: 'Most exciting championship in twenty years'

Will Buxton and Lawrence Barretto speaking in the Weekend Warm-Up about the title fight between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. Everyone expects Mercedes to do well in the United States, but Formula1.com's reporters say this doesn't change Red Bull's approach.

The excitement in Formula 1

Max Verstappen leads the world championship, but with six races to go the difference with Lewis Hamilton is only six points. So anything can happen and that is what makes the season so beautiful according to Buxton and Barretto.

"The Championship lead keeps swinging. Honestly, in 20 years' time, this is the most thrilling championship I have ever reported on. It's so tight and it could still be either one to win," Buxton said. 

The approach of Red Bull

"In the constructors' championship, their teammates have an important role in bringing in those points for the team. Red Bull knew Mercedes had the upper hand in Turkey, but he (Sergio Perez) said they are not looking at each of the races like 'oh this is a Mercedes track, oh this is a Red Bull track.' They are just trying to maximise everything. Everyone thinks this is a Mercedes track and Mexico is a Red Bull track, but he indicated that they don't look at that,'' Buxton said.

''That's the approach they have got to take. The Red Bull has worked at pretty much every type of circuit even if it's not right at the top. Checo takes confidence from the podium he achieved. If he's can string a series of results together, then that's exactly what Red Bull need from him," Barretto concludes.

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