Problems with Mercedes' engine stock under pressure from Honda

22-10-2021 06:52 | Updated: 22-10-2021 09:01
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Problems with Mercedes' engine stock under pressure from Honda

Sebastian Vettel will get a new engine for the United States Grand Prix but Aston Martin would have liked to use that new engine earlier. According to Auto, Motor und Sport there are however problems with the delivery of those engines.

New engine for Vettel

Since the hybrid era, Mercedes has been the master of its engines. In the early days, the engine could even be scaled back without the competition coming close. Now that Honda has finally developed an engine that can put pressure on Mercedes' engine, cracks are appearing in the solid stronghold.

According to the German media, Aston Martin wanted to change engines during the Belgian Grand Prix. However, after the summer break, six engine changes were already planned for Hamilton, Bottas, Norris, Ricciardo, Stroll and Latifi, prompting Aston Martin to postpone the introduction of the new engine.

The problem with Mercedes appears to be the stock. Normally Mercedes always had an engine ready for every customer, but this year that is a lot more difficult. Mercedes never built up an extra stock, because they always calculate that the engines are finished at the end of the year. Then the new engine is built anyway and you don't need the old one anymore. But that is a problem now.

Problems at Mercedes

For the first time in years Mercedes is being pressured by Honda and this is causing reliability problems. Mercedes engines have a shorter lifespan now and that means more changes. Mercedes also has more customers this year than last year since the return of McLaren.

Mercedes' problems are not over yet, because with six races to go Vettel's engine change will probably not be the last. It is even possible that Lewis Hamilton will get a new engine at the end of the season. Mercedes still has to work hard, while they would have preferred to focus on the new engine.

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