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Can Mercedes' new front wing make a difference in the championship?

Can Mercedes' new front wing make a difference in the championship?

14-10-2021 20:01 Last update: 22:54


Mercedes has said it is mainly focusing on the 2022 car because of the new regulations, but the team still tests new parts from time to time. In Sochi and Istanbul, the team tested a new front wing.

The new front wing will probably be used in a race soon, who knows already during the United States Grand Prix reports Motorsport-Total.com. Whether the front wing can make a big difference in the battle for the championship remains to be seen. For the British Grand Prix Mercedes also came up with a major update, which clearly narrowed the gap to Red Bull.

Low-downforce wing

In the Friday practice of both Sochi and Istanbul, the front wing was tested with a low-downforce set-up. The development has not yet been used in qualifying or the race, but the circuit in Austin has many long straights. Here the front wing could make a big difference. Qatar is another circuit with a lot of straights.

Normally the teams would bring update after update by now, but with 2022 on the horizon the teams are taking it easy. With only six races to go and small differences in the championship, everything is still possible. Who knows, Mercedes' new front wing could make a difference.

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