Ricciardo disappointed after Turkey: 'Don't want it to affect our momentum'

14-10-2021 19:23 | Updated: 14-10-2021 19:33
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Ricciardo disappointed after Turkey: 'Don't want it to affect our momentum'

Daniel Ricciardo came to Turkey with some good results. In Monza, he won the race and in Russia, the Australian took fourth place. The disappointment of the Turkish Grand Prix is therefore big.

In Q1 of qualifying, Ricciardo already got eliminated and he only finished 13th in the race. "I don't want to dismiss this weekend, but let's say from a trajectory [point of view] I want to dismiss it. I don't want it to get our spirits down. It's one of those weekends that wasn't good", he says on Motorsport.com.

"I know we're going to debrief now before we fly out of here so hopefully we put a bit of information on the table and try to learn something. But I don't want this weekend to affect our momentum. [It is] just one of those days. So as long as we can learn, we'll move on."

Opportunities at COTA

The next race is the United States Grand Prix and Ricciardo is positive about McLaren's chances. "I think there's certainly some corners we'll be good at. The first sector we should be alright, quite high-speed corners, I think we'll be decent. All the hairpins we should be okay, we're good on braking normally."

"Some of the last sectors might hurt us a bit but look, I think we'll be back to a competitive position. Hopefully, it's 38 degrees, boiling hot, everyone's sweating and we're enjoying it." Hopefully, Ricciardo can continue his stronger results that he has achieved since the summer break.

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