Verstappen: "Never look at what other drivers have because it's personal"

14-10-2021 08:18 | Updated: 14-10-2021 09:01
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Verstappen: Never look at what other drivers have because it's personal

Honda and Red Bull had planned a special farewell weekend at the Japanese Grand Prix, but unfortunately it was not to be. A number of organised events were able to take place, including a live session at YouTube where Japanese fans could meet Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

One of the questions to Verstappen reads: What is your favourite helmet design, and are there any designs from other drivers that you like? "That's a tough one," replies the Dutchman. "But the helmet designs at Spa and Zandvoort this year were different and I really liked those."

Favorite helmet Verstappen

"As for other drivers, it's hard to say, because it's personal with what feeling you pick a design," continues the Red Bull driver. "That's why I never really look at other people's helmets, because it has something personal of them in it."

Still, there are helmets where the 24-year-old Limburger has a special feeling. "My favorites are my white standard helmet for 2021 and the two special helmets from Spa and Zandvoort," Verstappen concludes. Earlier, he hinted that a special helmet design is also likely to arrive for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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