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Alonso does not think older drivers will benefit from 2022 rules

Alonso does not think older drivers will benefit from 2022 rules

03-10-2021 14:43 Last update: 18:56


In 2022, the Formula 1 teams will hit the grid with brand new cars. Due to the major rule changes, the cars will not look like the 2021 cars. Fernando Alonso is asked if the older drivers have an advantage over the younger drivers.

New rules in 2022

Formula 1's regulations will be completely overhauled in 2022. The cars will look completely different from what they do this year, and the return of the ground effect means that every driver will have to get used to it. Alonso doesn't think older drivers will be at an advantage with these changes.

"I don't think it will make a difference. To be honest, I think it will be much more down to the performance of our cars, the work in the simulator and the work during the winter tests," Alonso said according to the Spanish branch of Motorsport.com.

Working extra hard in winter

Alonso said it won't take long into the season to see which teams can cope well with the new rules. The Alpine driver thinks it will only take three or four races to know who will be fighting for world titles and podiums.

"So in terms of adjustment, I don't think it's going to make a big difference. It's just hard work, or harder work than any other winter, because we will have to spend some more time in the simulator and together with the team," Alonso concluded.