Hamilton deflated with Verstappen in P2: "That's mega damage limitation"

26-09-2021 15:19
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Hamilton deflated with Verstappen in P2: That's mega damage limitation

In the final ten laps, the Russian Grand Prix seemed to be a battle between the two Brits Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time World Champion chased down his fellow countryman and closed within one second. 

But just as Hamilton reached the DRS zone, the rain started to fall on the circuit. This provided both drivers with a headache on whether to take a pitstop for intermediates or brave it on the slicks. Hamilton opted to pit, but Norris stayed out. The rain increased and which cost Norris his first victory in Formula 1

In the media pen after the race, Norris and Hamilton had a discussion about the final few laps. "You didn't want to come in, me neither! I said he's right there! I ignored the first call," Hamilton said in his conversation with Norris in front of the Sky Sports cameras. 

"What I got told was the rain was going to stay like that, but what you got told was different," Norris replied. Hamilton said that his Mercedes team did an incredible job. 

A century of wins for Hamilton 

"Firstly, Norris is doing a great job. And it's great to see McLaren Mercedes doing an incredible job. Not sure if I would've got by without the rain. I had some really good pace, I didn't know where we were going to be coming out after the first pit stop. I was just like head down. The worry with the rain was putting it in the wall. Super grateful," Hamilton added. 

"I come away with positive energy. To come from last to second is a huge effort. The Red Bulls are so fast, they've been quickest most of the year. To come from last with two penalties, that's mega damage limitation. It's going to be tough to beat them."

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