'Dutch Grand Prix to remain on the F1 calendar in September 2022'

22-09-2021 07:04 | Updated: 22-09-2021 09:05
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'Dutch Grand Prix to remain on the F1 calendar in September 2022'

There is still no official calendar for the Formula 1 season of 2022, but Speedweek.com reports that the calendar will consist of 23 races, with the Dutch Grand Prix again in September.

A start in Bahrain

It's September already, but F1 still has no clarity on the calendar for next season. In fact, with one more race on 'TBC', even the current season's calendar is not complete. That is probably the reason why there is still no clarity about the next calendar, but some pieces of the puzzle have already fallen into place.

According to the Austrian media, F1 will start with a test week in Barcelona, followed by another test week in Bahrain. After that test, the season will start one week later with the Bahrain Grand Prix. One week later the GP of Saudi Arabia is scheduled. Melbourne and Shanghai would follow and thus return to the calendar after two years.

Miami on the calendar

New on the Formula 1 calendar is the Miami Grand Prix. In contrast with the other American races, it is early on the calendar. On May 8th this race should be held, while the race in Austin remains in November. With Miami so early on the calendar, it would have been more practical to have a double race with the race in Montreal but according to this prediction, those races will be split by the races in Barcelona, Monaco and Baku.

The Dutch Grand Prix will also return to the calendar, but will not do so in May. The original idea of the GP of the Netherlands was to become the first European race, but after the success of the last edition, a stay in September seems therefore the ideal solution for all parties.

The expected calendar for 2022:

Test week 1 in Barcelona: 23-25 February

Test week 2 in Bahrain: 11-13 March

Grand Prix of Bahrain: 20 March

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix: 27 March

Australian Grand Prix: April 10

Chinese Grand Prix: April 17th

Grand Prix of Miami: 8 May

Spanish Grand Prix: 21 May

Grand Prix of Monaco: 28 May

Grand Prix of Azerbaijan: 12 June

Grand Prix of Canada: 19 June

Grand Prix of Great Britain: July 3

Grand Prix of Austria: 10 July

Grand Prix of France: 17 July

Grand Prix of Hungary: 31 July

Grand Prix of Belgium: 28 August

Grand Prix of The Netherlands: 4 September

Grand Prix of Italy: 11 September

Grand Prix of Russia: 25 September

Grand Prix of Singapore: 9 October

Grand Prix of Japan: 16 October

Grand Prix of Mexico: 30 October

Grand Prix of the United States: 6 November

Grand Prix of Brazil: 20th November

Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi: fourth of December

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