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Netflix made Monza complete for Ricciardo: That was the perfect setting

Netflix made Monza complete for Ricciardo: "That was the perfect setting"

19-09-2021 19:48 Last update: 20:26


Daniel Ricciardo has been living on a pink cloud since the Italian Grand Prix. So is the entire McLaren team, who have taken their first double win since 2010. The icing on the cake: Netflix followed the team throughout the weekend for an episode of Drive to Survive.

Ricciardo discusses the series at the Pardon My Take podcast, and the drama highlighted by the creators. "But that's also the reality, there's drama every year," says the 32-year-old Australian. "Now we know Netflix is there every race we think every time: that's going to be a crazy episode!"

McLaren at Monza followed by Netflix

For McLaren, Ricciardo says the filming at Monza was the icing on the cake. "What was really cool though: Netflix follows a team every weekend, and at Monza it was McLaren. So that was kind of the perfect setting," he continued.

"I don't want to make it all about me, but it's nice that they were there to capture all the emotions of everyone and really be there behind the scenes. It was the first double win for McLaren in eleven or twelve years, so they must have captured a lot of feel-good moments," Ricciardo finishes.

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