Coulthard outraged by Tsunoda's statements: "What planet is he from?"

17-09-2021 14:42 | Updated: 17-09-2021 16:46
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Coulthard outraged by Tsunoda's statements: What planet is he from?

AlphaTauri extends the contracts of both drivers. For Pierre Gasly this is not so strange, but for the rookie Yuki Tsunoda it apparently is. The Japanese driver was surprised about the extension. And David Coulthard did not have a good word to say about that fact.

Coulthard furious

The young Japanese driver reacted with shock to his contract extension, showing he was not impressed with his own performance in his debut season. The Japanese man thanked the team nonetheless and apologised for the money he had cost because of his crashes.

Speaking to Channel 4, Coulthard reacted with astonishment: "What planet is he from? I think he should pack his little bag and go home. This is not the voice of a racing driver."

Coulthard recommends an early booking discount

Coulthard's interlocutor Tom Clarkson takes a different view and offers some nuance: "I like this honesty. He shows surprise and I like that honesty."

The former RedBull racing driver wants nothing to do with it: "If I were him I would buy a plane ticket now with an early bird discount. After next year he has no place in Formula 1."

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