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Szafnauer confident in line-up: Stroll is one of the most gifted drivers

Szafnauer confident in line-up: "Stroll is one of the most gifted drivers"

16-09-2021 09:29 Last update: 09:41

Aston Martin will stick with Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel for the 2022 Formula 1 season. Results might not be as strong as they'd have hoped for this season, but both Otmar Szafnauer and owner Lawerence Stroll are confident in their driver line-up and excited by the new rules and regulations in 2022. 

Tough start

The Aston Martin named returned to the grid this season after the team evolved under Lawerence Stroll. Still, the team haven't yielded as good results as they would've liked. In a very competitive midfield, Aston Martin sit seventh in the Constructors Championship, with both drivers just outside the top 10 in their standings. 

Team principal Otmar Szafnauer alludes to the new rules and regulations coming next season and is confident his drivers will extract the best possible results. 

“Lance is one of the most gifted drivers in modern Formula One, and to that raw talent, he is now adding serious racecraft. A four-time world champion, having driven 271 Grands Prix, of which he has won 53, Sebastian is also a massive asset to our team, and next year we expect both of them to race well in what will be a very different formula from the current one," he said in the press release. 

"We never under-estimate our opposition, so we do not intend to over-promise, but we know that Lance and Sebastian will get the very best from the tools we will put at their disposal.”

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