Incident Verstappen/Hamilton: 'The best overtakers don't crash into people'

14-09-2021 21:07 | Updated: 14-09-2021 23:23
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Incident Verstappen/Hamilton: 'The best overtakers don't crash into people'

Everyone in the Formula 1 world gives their opinion about the incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Monza. The Dutchman was designated as the guilty party by the FIA and will receive a grid penalty of three places during the Russian Grand Prix.

In the F1 Nation Podcast former F1 driver Damon Hill and analyst Tom Clarkson discuss the incident between the title rivals. "I hear this all the time, it’s a racing incident, let them race. It’s a racing driver’s job not to crash into another racing driver. When it’s an aggressive, uncompromising move, then someone has to come and say ‘that is going too far.’ This is Formula One and it’s supposed to be about judgment and skill and fine calls", Hill began in the discussion.

The former F1 driver continued: "This is not how we want the championship to be decided. We want them people to overtake, we want brave moves. Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso are some of the best overtakers and they don’t crash into people.”

Action suits character of Verstappen

According to Hill, Red Bull's extremely long pit stop was also a driving force for Verstappen to go for the manoeuvre. "As a racing driver you hate it when you lose time and you then feel great urgency to make it up again", he said.

According to Clarkson, the stewards' decision was the right one. "I actually think the stewards got it bang on right. No driver was 100% to blame, but I think Max was a little bit more to blame. Once he was alongside that sausage kerb, he couldn’t bail out, because he’d risk damaging his front wing if he’d turn left at that point. I think Max is one of the most 'racy' racing drivers and for him to bail out so early in that chicane, that doesn’t compute with him. I think that explains why stayed in it and ultimately the crash was inevitable as a result.”

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