Three crashes in four races: 'It won't happen again anytime soon'

14-09-2021 19:50 | Updated: 14-09-2021 20:01
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Three crashes in four races: 'It won't happen again anytime soon'

Carlos Sainz is currently not in the best period of his career. The Ferrari driver had his third crash in four weekends at Monza. Fortunately, the team was able to repair his car in time for the sprint race.

The Spaniard lost control during FP2 on Saturday morning and made hard contact with the wall. At the Hungarian Grand Prix Sainz crashed out during qualifying and at the Dutch Grand Prix, he also had a bad crash in free practice. That's three incidents in four races.

"It's clearly an accident that I should have avoided, it's an accident that I still don't understand and I don't have an explanation for," he said after the race in Monza, as quoted by Sainz finished sixth in Ferrari's home race.

Sainz still learning to understand the car

"The car has been very neutral in Ascari across the whole weekend, and I've been struggling a lot with the balance there. I guess I'm still going through a bit of a learning process understanding the car." Whether there is a connection with his previous two crashes? "I think there are three separate accidents with three separate causes. I think I already explained that in Zandvoort I went a bit offline and lost the car, and it was a very driver mistake. In Budapest I pretty much I'm pretty sure that I got one of the biggest gusts of winds that I had in a race car in my life."

"It's not ideal, because I cost the mechanics and the team a few too many repairs lately, but I'm sure it will not happen again anytime soon and I will recover from it. But yes, something to learn from and something that I need to keep investigating and trying to learn from because it's not ideal," Sainz said.

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