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'Interesting to see if Red Bull can tame the 'aggressive' Verstappen'

'Interesting to see if Red Bull can tame the 'aggressive' Verstappen'

13-09-2021 08:56 Last update: 11:08


Once again there was a clash between title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Peter Windsor gets the feeling that this might go down in the books as a historic fight and compares the current situation to that of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

We've had to wait years for it, but the battle between Hamilton and Verstappen will not disappoint in 2021. The seven-time world champion and the driver who is tipped to be a huge talent of the future, are finally taking on each other, and it reminds Windsor a lot of the year Senna won the world title at the expense of Prost in 1988.

Verstappen the new Senna?

"If you had to point the finger of blame at anyone, it would be more Max, but under the heading that we are now in a championship that feels like Senna and Prost in 1988. These two iconic drivers are against each other in situations like this. The rest of the season is going to be great in that respect,'' Windsor said in his video.

"Lewis now knows what to expect from Max. And Lewis is not going to change. He is the ultimate racing driver on so many levels, but Max is a raw and aggressive racing driver now, and that is possibly the Max we will see until the end of the season. Very interesting how Red Bull will tame him, and how they will keep that in check. When you see those two together now, you can stand up as fans and think 'wow, this is a season that will stay with us for a long time," Windsor concludes.

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