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Perez fearing Mercedes' speed: Expect Mercedes to be strong on straights

Perez fearing Mercedes' speed: "Expect Mercedes to be strong on straights"

02-09-2021 15:46


Looking ahead to the Dutch Grand Prix, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez argues that his team will also be able to bring the fight to Mercedes' door at this circuit. He argues that Red Bull will be quicker in the corners, but that he fears Mercedes will once again call the shots on the straights.

"We expect Mercedes to be strong again on the straights," Perez began during the usual press moment for drivers, this time facing Motorsport Magazin. Red Bull are currently second in the constructors' championship, just seven points behind the defending champions.

The Mexican, who recently re-signed for a year with the Milton Keynes-based team, continued his analysis: "They always have a good car in corners with banked corners, it looks more stable there."

Medium-speed corners

Where the RB16B may not be able to win it on the straights, Perez sees opportunities in the fast corners on the circuit in the dunes. There he believes the Red Bull is the stronger of the two: "I think we will be competitive, there are a lot of fast and medium-fast corners. That's where we are strong."

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