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Ricciardo on Hamilton vs Verstappen: Inevitable 'there would be contact'

Ricciardo on Hamilton vs Verstappen: Inevitable 'there would be contact'

05-08-2021 10:49 Last update: 12:49


The incident at Silverstone involving Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is still a hot topic even after the weekend in Hungary. Every driver has had his say by now, but Daniel Ricciardo delved into it more after the race in Hungary.

The former teammate of Verstappen still believes it was a racing incident. This he says to the Italian branch of Motorsport.com.

"Basically, it was a race incident. In that situation I gave a bit more responsibility to Lewis, because I saw that Max left enough space, so I don't think he did anything wrong. But this incident is part of a season where they were at odds with each other at other times, and I thought sooner or later there would be more important contact. It's racing, and when you're dealing with such small margins, we're not robots and we make mistakes, even if in the case of Silverstone it was a violent incident. But I don't want to blame Lewis, it's racing, and those two are fighting for the championship, which is the biggest goal there is in this sport."

Comparing Norris to Verstappen

Ricciardo, despite Norris driving fantastically for McLaren this year, still thinks that's going a bit too far, but he is getting there, according to the Australian.

"Yes, I think they are actually very different personalities, but they both have a lot of 'pure' speed on the track. I can see it with Lando this year, but maybe it's a bit early to compare him and Max. But he's certainly very good as well."

Ricciardo will be looking to improve his performance during the 12 races to come and add more to McLaren's points total in their battle for third place.

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