Hamilton gets criticism: "You have to hold Lewis accountable too"

03-08-2021 14:18 | Updated: 03-08-2021 14:25
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Hamilton gets criticism: You have to hold Lewis accountable too

Lewis Hamilton regained the lead in the world championship on Sunday afternoon by finishing in third place. According to Ralf Schumacher, his lead should have been even bigger.

The former driver believes that his team made a big error in judgement during the start. "Hamilton and Mercedes gave away the win when Hamilton was the only one who did not make a pit stop and did not change tires before the restart," he writes in his column on Sky Sports F1. "Toto Wolff has said he is behind the action, but he has been around long enough and knows it was a mistake."

However, Schumacher believes that the team should not only look at Wolff's choice. After all, Hamilton also had the opportunity to make himself heard. "You have to hold Lewis responsible as well. He should have said to his team, 'I have to come in, the track is too dry.'"

Hamilton finished in third place

As a result, the British driver had to come in quickly to change his tyres, after which he found himself at the very back of the grid. Hamilton, however, had enough speed to eventually make it into the top three. Thanks to the hard work of Fernando Alonso he was unable to take the race win.

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