'Let's hope common sense prevails'

02-08-2021 18:47 | Updated: 02-08-2021 20:47
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'Let's hope common sense prevails'

The battle between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing has raged since the Silverstone race. At the press conference prior to the Hungarian Grand Prix both teams complained about their competitor once again. Kees van de Grint is concerned about the situation between the top teams.

Formula 1 is known as a sport where supporters from all the teams can sit between each other, but the analyst sees this changing. "There are fringe issues where you start to think: how long is this going to go well? Let's hope common sense prevails and we come to watch. And that we can also appreciate that your favourite doesn't win, like Verstappen being the big loser from this weekend," he told RTL Slipstream.

Van de Grint, however, remains hopeful that things will not go the wrong way with Formula 1. "Indeed, the beauty of motorsport was always that whatever opinion you have and whatever you represent, you could be sociable with each other. I do find that worrying."

Hamilton takes lead in world championship

Max Verstappen failed to get beyond a ninth-place finish in Hungary due to damage to his car, while Hamilton finished second. As a result, the Englishman is eight points ahead in the world championship. After the summer break, the drivers will start in Belgium.

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