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Horner sees Hamilton slowing down: It's his right to do that

Horner sees Hamilton slowing down: "It's his right to do that"

31-07-2021 15:41

Christian Horner believes Mercedes deservedly grabbed pole position during the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. The Red Bull Racing chief saw that Lewis Hamilton was over four-tenths faster than Max Verstappen. Sergio Perez eventually finished fourth, meaning the entire second starting row will be made up of RB16Bs.

"I think Mercedes have been fast all weekend," Horner told Sky Sports. "Max's time in Q2 looked impressive. We have a different strategy to Mercedes, so it could be interesting.

Why did Red Bull decide to let Verstappen set his fastest time in Q2 on softs anyway? "We couldn't set the same time as Lewis on mediums and we felt we had to take a different route. We have to drive an attacking race. Strategy will be crucial because overtaking here is not easy," said the Great Britain team boss.

Horner over Hamilton in Q3

Both Verstappen and Sergio Perez were held up by Hamilton in the final run of Q3. Perez was unable to set an extra time as a result. Horner is asked for his opinion on the incident. "It's playing games. Lewis had a great lap on the clock and then goes and holds things up. He doesn't want to give our cars a chance. It's his right to do that because he has the track position," he echoed.

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