Verstappen: "I would never let anyone else drive my car"

30-07-2021 12:27 | Updated: 30-07-2021 13:40
Verstappen: I would never let anyone else drive my car

Max Verstappen knows his body took some beating after crashing into the tyres at the British Grand Prix. However, it wouldn't have stopped him from getting back into the car if he had to, he admitted two weeks later in Hungary.

"But you shouldn't have an impact like that too many times in a row, because it's definitely not good for your body," Verstappen said in a conversation with The Dutchman was certainly stricken after the impact that released 51G. "When the team asked how I was doing, I could hardly breathe. But I wanted to let them know I was OK."

On adrenaline, Verstappen was able to keep going, but he was certainly in pain. "It wasn't a fun experience. They also have the footage from the halo camera where you see my body and my head in slow motion. I think that's not fun to watch," said the world championship leader. The lead over Lewis Hamilton has shrunk to eight points.

Verstappen had raced again the day after

What if the crash had been during the sprint race Saturday and he had had to get back in the car a day later? "I would have been behind the wheel again, no matter what. I would never let anyone else drive my car. Even if I had secretly broken something, it wouldn't have stopped me," Verstappen told the German medium.

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