Hamilton has already forgotten the crash: 'Been busy with other things'

29-07-2021 15:12 | Updated: 29-07-2021 15:20
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Hamilton has already forgotten the crash: 'Been busy with other things'

During the press conference in Hungary, Lewis Hamilton was of course asked about the much discussed first lap incident at Silverstone when he tapped Max Verstappen off the track during an overtaking attempt. Hamilton himself doesn't seem to be very preoccupied with the event.

Busy with other things

Due to Verstappen's crash and Hamilton's win, the gap between the two title rivals has shrunk considerably in England. The action drew considerable criticism towards the Mercedes driver, although many felt it was mainly a racing incident. "I think everything has been said about the weekend at Silverstone", the Briton said to the likes of Formule1.nl.

It is clear. Hamilton wants to move on, and he says he has been busy with other things. "I've been more busy with the launch of Mission44 in the last few days, " he revealed, pointing to his new foundation that supports young people from under-represented groups in the UK.

Called Verstappen

Hamilton was particularly blamed for how he celebrated his victory after the race. Waving the British flag he ran around the circuit. However, Hamilton declared at the press conference that he was unaware Verstappen was in hospital. "No driver wants to put another driver in danger. I called Max, asked how he was doing and said that the respect is still mutual. Other than that, I have nothing to add."

Red Bull the dominant team

Back to business as usual then, as this weekend sees the last Grand Prix before the summer break. Despite his win at Silverstone, Hamilton still sees Red Bull as the dominant team for this weekend. "But we can make it difficult for them", the seven-time world champion looks ahead to the weekend.

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