Schumacher on Red Bull protest: 'Don't think anything will follow'

29-07-2021 07:17 | Updated: 29-07-2021 10:14
Schumacher on Red Bull protest: 'Don't think anything will follow'

Ralf Schumacher understands that Red Bull Racing are anything but happy with the way the British Grand Prix went, but the 46-year-old German believes it was mostly unfortunate and therefore thinks the Milton Keynes-based team don't stand much of a chance with the stewards of getting Lewis Hamilton's penalty looked at again.

"A little apology, at least a demand from Lewis, would have been a bit neater. He could have said at the end of the race, 'Gosh, how is he?' After all, it was a free spirited action after all," Schumacher said to Sky. But the former Formula One driver thinks Hamilton could have picked a better line into the corner. "He did it in the wrong place. You can argue about the ten seconds. I understand Red Bull. But it wasn't intentional on Lewis' part. Just a misjudgment."

Mercedes were lucky

From Red Bull's point of view, it is especially sour that Hamilton was able to replace his damages because of the red flag, and then managed to work his way back to the head of the field like a hot knife through butter. "That's very unfortunate. At another circuit, say Monaco or Hungary, he wouldn't have had the chance to come back so easily. That was very lucky, or unlucky for Red Bull. I understand that they feel unfairly treated," he said.

On Thursday afternoon at 16:00, Red Bull will present new evidence to the stewards. With that they hope to increase the penalty for Hamilton. Schumacher honestly doesn't expect much from it. "I don't suspect anything will follow. It was clearly not intentional on Lewis' part. No driver plays with those speeds. We're talking about about 290km/h at that point. For me, it was a racing incident."

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