Gasly to try for Ricciardo's seat: 'We'll see if it works out'

26-07-2021 12:28 | Updated: 28-07-2021 11:16
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Gasly to try for Ricciardo's seat: 'We'll see if it works out'

Pierre Gasly has been doing well at AlphaTauri since leaving Red Bull Racing. In Baku, he took his third podium for the team, his first this season. However, the chances seem slim that he will be able to sit next to Verstappen next year.

Gasly chases Ricciardo

Gasly's good form means that he is frequently linked with other teams. During Sky Sports' live broadcast at Silverstone, commentator Ted Kravitz hinted at Gasly's interest in Daniel Ricciardo's seat at McLaren. "Pierre Gasly wants to try and outperform Daniel Ricciardo, even though Ricciardo is having a good weekend because he is only one point behind him in the drivers' championship, " he quoted

Incidentally, Kravitz's comments were made on Saturday. Meanwhile, Ricciardo's lead over Gasly has grown to eleven points. "Pierre Gasly wants to try and cling to it with all his fingernails," Kravitz continued. "He wants to be in a position where he can actually challenge Ricciardo - in a faster McLaren - at the end of the year. Gasly wants to take advantage of Ricciardo's problems at McLaren and try to challenge him by the end of the year. We'll see if he can do that."

Chance for Gasly at McLaren?

As much as Gasly would like to go to another (better) team, the chances of him getting a place at McLaren next season are slim. Lando Norris was recently given a contract extension for several years and McLaren won't be letting him go any time soon. Despite the disappointing results Ricciardo also has a contract for next year and it remains to be seen if McLaren wants to let him go so soon. It looks like the Frenchman will stay with AlphaTauri for another year.

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