Performance of the Rolling Stones along with a second race in America?

23-07-2021 10:28 | Updated: 23-07-2021 11:03
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Performance of the Rolling Stones along with a second race in America?

The Rolling Stones will play November 20 at the Circuit of the Americas, and according to Joe Saward, that may well signal that the U.S. Grand Prix will be held twice this year, he reveals in his blog.

Rolling Stones and F1

The 2021 Formula 1 calendar has been tweaked so many times, it's hard to even think of all the changes anymore. The organisation wanted to return to a normal season this year, but they haven't succeeded yet. The season started in Bahrain, and again two races were organised in Austria.

Later in the season, there is also a lot of uncertainty. The Australian Grand Prix was cancelled recently and also the races in Japan and Brazil are highly uncertain. According to Joe Saward, it is likely that two races will be held in Texas in 2021, and a concert of the Rolling Stones would indicate that.

Sprint race in America

In fact, the Stones will play at the Circuit of the Americas on November 20, on the weekend where the Australian GP was originally scheduled. F1 is still looking for a replacement for that. Saward speculates about moving the Brazilian GP to 24 October, the location of the American GP. The Brazilian GP would then form a Double Header with Mexico.

The US GP would then be moved to November 14, and possibly November 21. A second weekend of racing could take place on the weekend the Stones perform, Saward believes. That would also be an ideal opportunity to test the sprint race format for the third time, and two races in America might also bring more attention in the land of the sport's owners.

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