Former Red Bull driver analyses: "No, was really clumsy of Lewis"

22-07-2021 11:44 | Updated: 22-07-2021 15:12
Former Red Bull driver analyses: No, was really clumsy of Lewis

Lewis Hamilton should have handled the situation differently during the opening lap at the Silverstone circuit with Max Verstappen, according to Mark Webber. The F1 analyst argues that the Mercedes driver should have done it in a different place, as Copse is simply not the right corner for such an overtaking action.

"I think Lewis' attack is optimistic at best, but actually quite clumsy," Webber told Channel 4. However, the former Red Bull Racing driver also argued that such things are inherent to driving in Formula One. Hamilton has shown in recent years that he knows what driving on the limit is. "At the same time, we can count on one hand the situations where Lewis has been involved in really controversial scenes in recent years. Maybe a few times with Nico Rosberg."

Hamilton not proud

For the seven-time world champion, last Sunday was a very good day. He won the British Grand Prix, while title rival Verstappen crashed out. The difference in the world championship has therefore shrunk to just eight points. It meant a nice catch up of 25 points.

Webber: "I can't imagine that Hamilton is really happy with this manoeuvre. The corner belonged to Max until the last moment. I think if Lewis had the chance again he would do it differently. Copse is no place for an attack like that, no, that was really clumsy of Lewis," the 44-year-old is clear.

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