Pressure on Hamilton after mistake: ''It's dangerous at this point''

21-07-2021 07:32 | Updated: 21-07-2021 08:47
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Pressure on Hamilton after mistake: ''It's dangerous at this point''

It will take some time before the storm of reactions about the collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has died down. Ralf Schumacher points the finger at Lewis.

On the first lap of the British Grand Prix, Hamilton and Verstappen fought out a special battle. It was a hard-fought battle, but up until Copse-corner, things were still going well. At Copse-corner Hamilton hit his rival, causing the latter to crash into the stacks. Was the seven times world champion taking too much risk?

Hamilton's mistake

''Lewis made an error of judgement, it wasn't a typical overtaking corner. As long as you have that stupid rule that you have to leave room on the outside, it just doesn't work. If Lewis had stayed there, he would have pushed Max off the track,'' the former Formula One driver said according to Sky Germany.

''He realised that and it was a bit too dangerous for him - overtaking is only possible if you are clearly ahead and he wasn't. He pulls out and drives into the back wheel. This is a classic, we know from karting, which should not happen. It's bloody dangerous at this point. I see the fault with Hamilton, he was too optimistic and could have cut into the corner more sharply,'' concludes Michael Schumacher's brother.

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