Hill: "I've never seen Hamilton as aggressive as he was at Silverstone"

20-07-2021 15:47 | Updated: 20-07-2021 17:03
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Hill: I've never seen Hamilton as aggressive as he was at Silverstone

What many Formula 1 fans, journalists and reporters predicted for years finally came true during the weekend of Silverstone: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided hard. The Briton managed to finish the race and even win, his rival had to go to hospital for further examination and finished with 0 points.

Never so aggressive

According to Damon Hill, we are currently seeing a Lewis Hamilton like never before. In the F1 Nation Podcast he says, "It was only a matter of time before they collided. They were both driving very aggressively. I don't think I've ever seen Lewis Hamilton on the track as aggressive as he was during the race at Silverstone."

The former world champion can't quite remember the time he saw Hamilton go on such a rampage on the track. "I try my best to think of a moment when Hamilton went in just as hard, and the only moment I can recall is the crash with Rosberg in Barcelona. He was in full attack mode." According to Hill, Saturday's sprint race was also bound to play a part. "I wonder if the crash had anything to do with what had happened during the sprint race the day before, when he had to give up his pole position from Friday to Max."

Not the first and not the last

According to Hill, it is not the first nor the last time drivers will collide in such a way. "All drivers assume that the other person just has to give way. They all think: he has to move, because I am faster. If you have two people with that mindset, of course that never goes well. Hamilton was very lucky he didn't suffer any further damage." As far as Hill is concerned, there is no direct culprit: "Neither of them wanted to take their loss and that's why this happened."

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