Doctor saw Verstappen get out of his car 'a bit disoriented'

20-07-2021 09:38
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Doctor saw Verstappen get out of his car 'a bit disoriented'

Doctor Ian Roberts had to take immediate action during the British Grand Prix on Sunday due to the crash of Max Verstappen. The doctor saw a 'disoriented' Verstappen who was not very stable on his feet.

It was perhaps his worst crash of his career. A force of 51G was applied to the body of the Dutchman, after he collided with Lewis Hamilton in Copse-Corner. Fortunately, the Dutchman emerged unscathed from the wreckage, but it wasn't entirely smooth sailing at first.

Crash of Verstappen

''Expressing this kind of case in G-forces, is somewhat confusing. Nonetheless, this is a useful measure, which gives us an indication of the severity of the situation. It does not give an accurate prediction of possible injury. It is, however, a way of describing the severity of the impact,'' says Roberts to The Telegraph.

''Because it happened in the first lap, we were there immediately, because we were driving behind. Our priority then is to assess the driver as quickly as possible, solve any problems immediately and then decide how to free him if he hasn't already done so himself. Initially, Max was a little disoriented and not so stable on his feet, but he was soon able to walk'', the doctor concludes.

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