Marko: 'We are not going to lower ourselves to the level of Mercedes'

19-07-2021 14:54 | Updated: 19-07-2021 16:18
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Marko: 'We are not going to lower ourselves to the level of Mercedes'

Helmut Marko has not calmed down a day after the British Grand Prix. He is still angry with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes after the collision between Max Verstappen and Hamilton on the opening lap at Silverstone.

Verstappen doing amazingly well

First things first, Marko was asked how is Verstappen doing after his hard crash. "He's back in Monte Carlo, his physio is working with him," Marko told Sport24 Auto. "He's still complaining of a stiff neck, but otherwise he's doing amazingly well. I would have thought he would have been unable to move for a few days."

Marko was very worried about his pupil after the crash. "Such an impact with 51G is no laughing matter. The fact that Max survived shows how well trained he is."

Suspension for Hamilton

Marko called for Hamilton to be suspended after the race on Sunday, and it's a claim that he still supports, even though it's extremely unlikely to happen. "That would require new evidence," the Red Bull advisor said. "But we all saw what happened. I wonder what more you have to do for a suspension than drive with the front wheel into the opponent's back wheel?"

Level of Mercedes

For the next race in Budapest, Verstappen will again do everything he can to win the world championship, says Marko, "but we certainly won't go for a revenge violation or other stupidities. We will not lower ourselves to the level of Mercedes."

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