Team mate qualifying duels: Verstappen beats Perez again

17-07-2021 21:49 | Updated: 17-07-2021 22:04
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Team mate qualifying duels: Verstappen beats Perez again

The sprint race for the British Grand Prix provided plenty of entertainment. Max Verstappen will once again start from pole position, while Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are second and third.

It means another win for Verstappen over Sergio Perez, who crashed during the sprint race and will therefore start from the pit lane tomorrow. This brings Verstappen to 9-1 vs the Mexican. Hamilton, Norris and Leclerc also beat their teammates to extend their lead.

The most remarkable standings are those of Williams and AlphaTauri. Again, George Russell and Pierre Gasly beat their teammates to take a 10-0 lead in qualifying. Kimi Raikkonen had lost his duel with Antonio Giovinazzi based on Friday's qualifying session, but during the sprint race he overtook his teammate. He won his qualifying duel and is now 7-3 down.

The standings of the qualifying duels

Red Bull: Verstappen - Perez 9-1

Mercedes: Hamilton - Bottas 7-3

McLaren: Ricciardo - Norris 3-7

Ferrari: Leclerc - Sainz 7-3

Aston Martin: Vettel - Stroll 6-4

Alpine: Alonso - Ocon 6-4

AlphaTauri Gasly - Tsunoda 10-0

Alfa Romeo: Giovinazzi - Raikkonen 7-3

Williams: Russell - Latifi 10-0

Haas: Schumacher - Mazepin 9-1

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