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Newey: 'We are preparing for the biggest rule change in forty years'.

Newey: 'We are preparing for the biggest rule change in forty years'.

14-07-2021 08:18 Last update: 08:22


With the strong performance of the RB16B as well as the excellent form of Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing seems to have put itself in the perfect position to win the title in 2021. Despite this, Technical Director Adrian Newey is keen to ensure that the team does not neglect its preparations for the new 2022 season. Newey therefore foresees 'a juggling act' that will continue for the rest of this year.

"It's such a difficult juggling act in truth", admits Newey when contemplating how to balance the title fight in 2021 and preparing optimally for the changed situation in 2022. This the technical director does in conversation with Sky Sports.

Perfect balance

Firstly, he stresses the importance of Max Verstappen chasing the title. Newey: "Obviously we've got a chance at the title so we've got to keep pushing and it's all about that juggling act."

On the other hand, the Milton Keynes-based team is trying its best to prepare for what Newey considers the biggest rule change in almost forty years. "The regulation change for next year is the biggest one I'd say since Venturi cars were banned at the end of 1982, so it's a huge change and we've got to put the effort into that", Newey said.

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