Brown questions Pirelli investigation, calls for 'total transparency' after Baku

19-06-2021 13:48
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Brown questions Pirelli investigation, calls for 'total transparency' after Baku

Although Pirelli is doing its best to bring the Baku tyre drama to a close as soon as possible, McLaren CEO Zak Brown is not amused. He asks, from a safety point of view, for total transparency from the tyre manufacturer.

Following Pirelli's investigation, both Red Bull and Aston Martin issued a press release to the effect that they were resigned to the conclusions. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of doubt about the integrity of the hard compound in Baku. Zak Brown would like to see this situation rectified as soon as possible, as he explains in conversation with Motorsport Week. Brown: "I don’t think they explained in detail what happened. I think we’re all left kind of guessing at what we think happened."

Brown continued his criticism: "We kind of have a general idea, but then you have Pirelli and the two teams, they certainly don’t seem to be aligned in what happened, and therefore I think we need to understand what happened.”


In light of this disagreement, Brown therefore sees transparency from the FIA as well as Pirelli as the only good solution. The American businessman explains: "I think we need, especially when something comes to safety, total transparency from Pirelli and the FIA, so we can understand exactly what happened, to make sure from a safety point of view it doesn’t happen again.”

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