Stroll responds to Pirelli: "I don't have much to say"

17-06-2021 15:14 | Updated: 17-06-2021 19:40
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Stroll responds to Pirelli: I don't have much to say

Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen had the same experience during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Both drivers crashed in Baku due to a flat tyre and had to abandon the race. Pirelli immediately started an investigation into the incidents, but above all pointed to the teams themselves.

The Italians claim that Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing took risks with their tyres, causing the problem during the race. Whereas the Austrian racing stable and Verstappen previously stated that they followed the rules, Stroll at the press conference said that he does not recognize himself in the conclusions of Pirelli.

Stroll responded somewhat coyly on Thursday afternoon when asked how he views Pirelli's statement. "I don't have much to say," he stated. "We drive with a tyre pressure that is legally prescribed by Pirelli. There was nothing wrong with our car. Pirelli are now going to put the pressure back on and they think that is the solution."

GP of France

The driver is trying to regain confidence in the tyres after the incident and hopes to get the most out of his car at the GP of France. "It's difficult. I hope we don't see any more damage, for whatever reason."

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