Aston Martin responds to statement Pirelli: "No problems found with the car"

16-06-2021 12:43 | Updated: 16-06-2021 14:00
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Aston Martin responds to statement Pirelli: No problems found with the car

After Red Bull Racing, Aston Martin also reacted to Pirelli's statements, which did not directly suggest that the teams had not adhered to the prescribed tyre pressures, but did add that from now on there will be stricter monitoring.

Similar to Red Bull Racing's reaction, Aston Martin also claims to have adhered to Pirelli's regulations at all times. "Following the tyre problem on Lance Stroll's car on lap 29 of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, we have been working with the FIA and Pirelli during their investigation. We can confirm that there were no problems with the car that caused the blowout," reads the statement on the official website of the Aston Martin F1 team.

Aston Martin also found no problems to car Stroll

"The team has at all times adhered to the parameters prescribed by Pirelli regarding the tyres, and will continue to do so", the statement ends. Red Bull Racing came out with a similar response on Tuesday following Max Verstappen's blowout.

Pirelli first blamed the debris on the track, but now point towards the teams. The tyre manufacturer sees enough reason to check more closely whether they comply with the regulations, but has no proof that this has not happened. The last word on this has therefore probably not yet been spoken.

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