More tyre problems ruled out for Pirelli in France: Can’t compare

More tyre problems ruled out for Pirelli in France: "Can’t compare"

16-06-2021 11:00

On Tuesday evening Pirelli finally came up with an explanation as to why the tyres of Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen broke down suddenly, causing both to lose control of their car at high speed. According to Pirelli, it has to do with the inside of the tyre coming loose and not with debris, which was suggested earlier.

This week F1 is running at Paul-Ricard and the tyre that Verstappen lost the victory on is once again one of the tyres that will be used. The C3 tyre will be the yellow medium this weekend, where last weekend it was the white hard tyre. Eric Boullier, general manager of the circuit in France, is not worried that the same problems will occur.

Don't compare circuits

"We rely on Formula 1 and Pirelli to deliver the best and obviously tracks are different. Here we have a permanent track, compared to Baku which is not a permanent track, so you really can’t compare those two," Boullier explained to GPblog. He is therefore not worried. "We expect everything to be fine."

Both blowouts came without any warning to the teams and caused some concern after the Grand Prix, whether Pirelli have everything in order and whether the safety of the tyre is good. Boullier has had a lot of experience with Pirelli in his time as McLaren team boss, so he has a lot of confidence in the Italian tyre supplier.

Confidence in Pirelli

"We rely on Formula 1 and Pirelli to do their best, but one of the main differences is that we have a permanent track here. Pirelli knows what they are doing and we don’t expect any issue with that," Boullier concluded.

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