Reserve driver increasingly important in F1: "Are a bit more in demand"

15-06-2021 06:30 | Updated: 15-06-2021 08:53
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Reserve driver increasingly important in F1: Are a bit more in demand

Daniil Kvyat lost his seat at AlphaTauri at the end of 2020, but the Russian hasn't left Formula 1 for the time being. He has already said that he still hopes to get another chance in F1, but for now he is also enjoying his role as a reserve driver at Alpine.

Kvyat was dumped by Red Bull for the second time at the end of 2020, and this time the partnership seems to have really come to an end. Kvyat has now found a place at Alpine. The Russian had also received other offers, but felt he was best suited to the French team's new project.

Kvyat as Alpine's reserve

''I did have more chances, but I'm not going to name names. At least I had something to choose from. It was important to find a way for me to spend my time well and stay active in this sport. Alpine was the best option for that. That looked the best. I have a lot to do here and I get more opportunities. I enjoy doing this work. It all went very quickly when they contacted my manager Nicolas Todt. We spoke with Laurent Rossi and we came out,'' Kvyat told

''Now it is more important, COVID-19 didn't exist at the time. It's a bit different. Now you also have to be physically present, you never know on Thursday what is going to happen during the weekend. It is an active role on the circuit. They needed someone who could get in the car when they needed to. Nowadays the role is taken more seriously, reserves are a bit more in demand. That's the main thing, but I also do simulator work and that's a good chance to stay in shape,'' Kvyat concludes about his role as reserve driver.

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