Aston Martin want to win the world championship within five years

14-06-2021 17:55 | Updated: 14-06-2021 18:18
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Aston Martin want to win the world championship within five years

During the Azerbaijan Grand PrixSebastian Vettel managed to achieve a first for his team Aston Martin F1. It was the first time in the team's history that it had managed to secure a podium in Formula 1. Now that the champagne bottles have been emptied and the smoke has cleared, it's clear that for Lawrence Stroll and company, this success has left them wanting more. In fact, their ambitions have only increased.

Within five years world championship

In an online media event for a select group of journalists, including a delegation from Formel1.deOtmar Szafnauer said that the team will not stop at the one podium in Baku: "If we can be a contender for the world championship in three to four years, that would be a success. To win the world championship within five years, I would consider that a success."

Szafnauer has a rationale for his stated time frame of four to five years: "If we look at the teams that have won multiple world championships in a row in the recent past, it took Mercedes four years to do so after buying Brawn, and as far as I remember the time frame was similar for Red Bull after buying Jaguar Racing, also three to four years."

A lower base

Yet the 56-year-old born Romanian is also realistic and knows it won't be an easy job: "We are starting on a lower base, I think. When Mercedes bought Brawn, the team had just been world champions. We finished fourth a few times and were never contenders for the world championship. It takes longer to take a team from the top of the midfield to No. 1."

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