Red Bull confirms: 'We will continue partnership with Aston Martin in this area'

11-06-2021 14:15 | Updated: 11-06-2021 14:55
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Red Bull confirms: 'We will continue partnership with Aston Martin in this area'

With Aston Martin installing its own team in Formula 1 since 2021, the collaboration between the British car brand and Red Bull Racing has come to an end. Nevertheless, the two teams continue to collaborate on another project: building the ultimate hypercar, something better known as the Valkyrie project.

"Following the announcement that Aston Martin's Title Partnership with Red Bull Racing will conclude at the end of the 2020 Formula One season, Red Bull Advanced Technologies will continue to work with Aston Martin on the Valkyrie project", Red Bull Racing revealed in a press release.

150 hypercars

The two teams will work together to build the ultimate hypercar as well as bring it to market. "Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Aston Martin entered into an Innovation Partnership in 2016 to design the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar, which completed its first running demonstration at last year's British Grand Prix", Red Bull continued.

The team also gives some insight into the details of the Valkyrie they ultimately intend to sell. Red Bull says: "The development of the two-seater mid-engine Valkyrie remains a key project for Red Bull Advanced Technologies, with the first batch of the 150 road-going cars due to be delivered to customers at the end of the year."

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