Ferrari loses too much ground in race: 'Can't improve until next year'

11-06-2021 10:16 | Updated: 11-06-2021 11:47
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Ferrari loses too much ground in race: 'Can't improve until next year'

Ferrari has surprised a lot of people with its resurgence over the past two race weekends. Charles Leclerc took pole in Monaco and Azerbaijan. In the race, Ferrari is not yet where it wants to be, but Mattia Binotto can be satisfied.

2021 has started a lot better for Ferrari than 2020. With Carlos Sainz and Leclerc scoring good points every week, the team can once again compete for P3 in the constructors with McLaren. In Monaco and Azerbaijan, Leclerc even took pole. A big step for Ferrari, but not everything is going according to plan.

Ferrari makes small steps

While Monaco still yielded second place for Sainz, Leclerc fell back quickly in Azerbaijan and finished fourth behind Pierre Gasly and Sebastian Vettel. ''There are still areas where we need to improve. We haven't found the right window for the tyres yet and we still miss speed on the straights. We can only improve that next year though'', Binotto said according to

The Ferrari team boss doesn't want to hide behind the frozen engine development though, and hopes his team can still come out strong in France. ''That's a difficult circuit for us, with fast corners. But we have to show that we are also growing. Our aim is still to finish third in the Constructors' category," concludes Binotto.

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