McLaren unhappy with choice of Masi: 'In my opinion, it is very clear'

09-06-2021 10:22 | Updated: 09-06-2021 11:38
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McLaren unhappy with choice of Masi: 'In my opinion, it is very clear'

The race officials had a hard time during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. With the crashes of Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen, Michael Masi and his team had to act fast, but at McLaren they are not entirely satisfied with the way they acted.

After the crash of Verstappen, it took a while before the safety car was called out. At that time there was a double yellow flag on the straight. Not everyone went off the gas enough there, and McLaren was especially surprised by Yuki Tsunoda. Andreas Seidl asked Michael Masi about this, but got no answer.

Dissatisfaction with Masi

''There is no further explanation needed. In my opinion, it is very clear what a driver has to do when he sees double yellow and passes a place where there has been an incident on the track. The things that happened now were clearly not good. We can't do more than address it though. The race director is of the opinion that an investigation is not necessary, but I totally disagree with that,'' Seidl said according to

Apart from this moment, the McLaren team boss is happy with the race director. ''He has a difficult job and from our point of view transparency and consistency are important, and also a good conversation. This is usually the case. Of course there are moments where we don't agree, but if you look at him since he took on that role, you have to say he does a good job'', concludes Seidl.

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