F1 CEO tries to protect Pirelli: 'I understand Verstappen's frustration'

09-06-2021 09:52 | Updated: 09-06-2021 11:37
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F1 CEO tries to protect Pirelli: 'I understand Verstappen's frustration'

Max Verstappen crashed just before the end of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Tyre supplier Pirelli was criticized for this. Stefano Domenicali understands Verstappen's frustration, but hopes that from now on criticism will be discussed internally.

Lance Stroll and Verstappen crashed during the Azerbaijan GP. The left rear tyre of both drivers failed and Pirelli probably mentions debris as the cause. Verstappen was openly critical of Pirelli's tyres and was supported by many of his colleagues. However, that is not quite as agreed.

Domenicali protects Pirelli

''I can understand the frustration,'' Domenicali said to the BBC. However, the Formula One CEO believes people should be 'respectful' of Pirelli. ''You need to be respectful and be prudent and cautious. There is a lot of trust in what Pirelli can do'', Domenicali said. Among the drivers, however, there are doubts.

Verstappen already said that 'he already knew the answer from Pirelli'. Domenicali doesn't want that there is openly spoken so critically about a partner of F1. ''You have to discuss those kinds of issues in the proper place where if it's correct we can discuss and find solutions. You know very well the magnitude of the wrong word in the wrong place. That can be very difficult to recover and this is what we should avoid'', the F1 CEO concludes.

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