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Maybe I was feeling a little too good and went over the limit as a result

"Maybe I was feeling a little too good and went over the limit as a result"

04-06-2021 19:46 Last update: 22:04


Ferrari were again a surprise factor on Friday in Azerbaijan after the race weekend in Monaco. Charles Leclerc crashed into the wall during free practice, but despite that he managed to clock up a great second and fourth time in Friday's sessions.

However, Leclerc doesn't seem too impressed by the incident. "I felt comfortable in the car, especially during braking. Maybe I felt a bit too good and went over the limit in turn fifteen because of that, but free practice is good for that too," Leclerc told the Italian outlet of Motorsport.com.

Ferrari surprise on Friday in Baku

Unlike his crash in Monaco, his crash in Baku only resulted in a broken front wing. This prevented him from improving his time, but the Monegasque nevertheless kept a positive feeling about the training day. "I tried to brake to the limit, I was on a fast lap. We'll see tomorrow", the Ferrari driver continued.

However, despite his strong form during the free practice sessions, he remains realistic. "It definitely went better than expected, but it's only the first day. The pace looks promising, but tonight we have to work hard to be competitive tomorrow", Leclerc said.

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