Red Bull impresses: 'They could have destroyed their competition'

04-06-2021 12:53 | Updated: 04-06-2021 12:56
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Red Bull impresses: 'They could have destroyed their competition'

Although F1 action has already begun in Baku, analysts are still looking back at the extraordinary Monaco Grand Prix. For the first time in 2021, Mercedes crashed out and lost the lead in both championships. Lessons are likely to be learned within the team and at Sky Sports they are still impressed with how Red Bull Racing played out.

"I think the biggest compromise that Red Bull were able to do, the others weren't paying attention, Red Bull were able to tune and adapt their speed for qualifying yet not grain and affect their tyres in the race. They had plenty in hand. At any point, they could have destroyed the opposition because you can see just before the pit stop," explains Paul di Resta.

Red Bull had everything under control

According to the former F1 driver, it was clear that Red Bull were in control in Monaco and the rest could do nothing about it. "Max started to wind it up. He was under instruction. They played it key, and that's what Mercedes weren't able to do. It looked they were far too stiff on the suspension set-up". According to Di Resta, that's what killed them.

"Bottas damaged his tyres trying to stay with Verstappen. Red Bull understand how to get the best out of that". Anthony Davidson complements his colleague at Sky. "Verstappen was driving amongst the best out there. I didn't see the Lewis Hamilton I was expecting to see in Monaco," Davidson concludes.

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