Alonso 'hates' losing now: 'That provides plenty of motivation'

04-06-2021 07:23 | Updated: 04-06-2021 08:29
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 Alonso 'hates' losing now: 'That provides plenty of motivation'

Fernando Alonso is back in Formula 1 after a two-year absence, and it's not going quite as planned. For now Esteban Ocon is still faster, but Fernando Alonso is still out to win races. He also speaks highly of George Russell.

Winning in F1

At the end of 2018, Fernando Alonso left Formula 1 after a failed campaign with McLaren. In those two years, he didn't sit still with the Dakar Rally, the Indy 500, the WEC and the Le Mans 24 Hours. Yet for Alonso, it's also a matter of finding his feet again. With Alpine, he is not competing for victory, but for the battle in the midfield.

''Everyone loves to win, not only in F1 or in motorsport, but in all sports. Once you've tasted victory, you hate losing for the rest of your life and that should provide plenty of motivation,'' Alonso said according to Spanish Marca. According to Alonso, driving for victory in F1 is also a completely different sport.

Praise for Russell

''It's a completely different sport. Everything you do now is to be ready when you do have a winning package. You have to make sure you get better every day. The moment you have a winning package, then you have to be there. That's the magic of this sport. The preparation for that moment.''

Alonso took a seat next to George Russell during the press conference and was asked about his performance. ''He is very impressive, and I am not saying that because he is sitting next to me. I told him that last year as well. His performance with the Williams, which we know is not competitive, is impressive," concluded the two-time world champion.

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