Sainz learned from Verstappen: 'I saw then what he could and did'

03-06-2021 19:55 | Updated: 03-06-2021 20:04
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Sainz learned from Verstappen: 'I saw then what he could and did'

Formula 1 is getting ready for the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan. While Ferrari were up front during the previous race in Monaco, Carlos Sainz personally does not expect his team to fight between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing again this weekend.

Sainz and Charles Leclerc proved to have a good car in Monaco. Mercedes and Red Bull battled for pole position for the first four races, but seemingly had to give it up to the Italian team. However, a collision in qualifying prevented Leclerc from starting, so Max Verstappen was able to start from the front after all.

The Spanish driver did end up on the podium. At the press conference Sainz said: "I saw Max on the podium and it was nice to share that experience. He has already taken a few more podiums than me. I also became a better driver because of our year together, in 2015, at Toro Rosso. I saw then what Verstappen could and did and also what I could do better myself."

Circuit GP Azerbaijan

Although Sainz would love to be on the podium more often, he realises that it won't be easy for Ferrari to compete with Mercedes and Red Bull this weekend. "It's a very different circuit. This track is so tricky, with huge straights. I think we drive two kilometres at full throttle."

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