Ricciardo: 'This train will come to speed again'

03-06-2021 11:57 | Updated: 03-06-2021 12:29
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Ricciardo: 'This train will come to speed again'

Daniel Ricciardo has had a difficult start of the season with the Monaco Grand Prix as a personal low point, where he showed a too-big gap to teammate Lando Norris. This all has to do with getting used to the McLaren car, which doesn't completely suit the Australian. But that is only a matter of time.

Find the right click

The driver let it be known during the press conference Formule1.com that he hasn't found the right click with the car yet. That is the missing link to really perform at his best, but Ricciardo has no doubt he will find that click sooner or later. "It's a marathon, not a sprint. At some point, that click will come and then the Ricciardo train will steam on as before."

Understanding the car is crucial, Ricciardo realises, which is why he has changed his approach. He says he has taken a step back and changed his approach to the weekend. As a result, he now understands the car better, which is important for personal development.

Whether that is enough, will be proven this weekend in Baku. He concludes that he now needs to show this better understanding on the track. He does so with the idea of a marathon in mind, which should give him enough time to really flourish later in the season.

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